About our association


In 1989 a group of parents to children of short stature met informally and decided to start the Danish Landsforeningen for væksthæmmede (Reststricted Growth Association of Denmark). At that point in time there was no layman’s information on dwarfism available in Danish although there was a great need for this information.

In 2007 our association decided to change it´s name and visuel identity:

The danish dwarf association (DVF)

  • DVF has about 400 members (full members and familiy members)
  • Our association aims to provide general information on all aspects of dwarfism. It makes this information available to short statured people and their families, thereby leading to an increased understanding of dwarfism for both members and for the general community at large.
  • DVF offers support and counselling to short statured people and their families.
  • DVF works closely with specialists and professionals in Denmark (and also gathers information on dwarfisn from around the world) on a wide number of specific subjects relevant to people of restricted growth, e.g. social, medical, sport, practical, career, etc. We disseminates this knowledge to our members (and to the public community at large) thereby helping our members reach more informed decisions about issues important to them.
  • DVF holds a successful annual convention (usely in the month of May or June) and also organises weekend seminars, summer holiday camps and day picnics, etc.
  • DVF maintains close contact with its Scandinavian sister associations and other international associations, participating in foreign conventions, sports activities and seminars.
  • DVF is an active member of the Danish umbrella organisation Rare Disorders Denmark
  • DVF has published two booklets in Danish: The Layman’s Guide to Restricted Growth and Achondroplasia. (translated with permission from the UK Restricted Growth Accociation.)
  • n cooperation with Centre for Rare Diseases and Disabilities we produced a survey about the living conditions of people with dwarfism: Living wtih Dwarfism (2007)